Welcome to Online Survey on Information of SIIT Fresh Graduates and Alumni!


Dear Fresh Graduates of SIIT and Alumni

All new graduates of SIIT are requested to fill in their information for the 21st batch of bachelor's degree graduates, including all master's and doctoral degrees graduates who graduate in academic year 2015.
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Username: (Student ID)
Password: (Citizen ID , Passport ID)

Please fill in your information and print a hard copy (printed form) of new graduate information (last step after the confirmation of information submission) and submit the printed form to SIIT Student Affairs and Alumni Relations Division on October 29, 2016 (the date of 1st Rehearsal of TU Graduation Ceremony at SIIT).

Remark: For SIIT graduates who cannot attend the graduation ceremony, you are also requested to register your information. Please send a .pdf file of your information to suchaya@siit.tu.ac.th.

21 Dec 2016